Friday, January 28, 2011

Basic Banana Puree

I'm doing a basic banana puree today. Until we know that Mark isn't allergic to anything we are doing basic one ingredient receipes.

I bought a bunch of organic Bananas and did my batches in 3's.

First I peeled and and cut the banana in half lengthwise and then proceeded to cut slices.

Since bananas are so soft naturally they did not need to be cooked. I put the 3 chopped bananas in my babycook with one cup of water to be blended.

After blending this is the amount left.

I left mine a pretty thick goopy consistency so I can thin it out as needed in the future.

Three bananas gave me 16 cubes of food(1 ounce each). If you make yours thinner than mine you will probably yield more than me but you won't be able to make it thicker unless you add cereal or oatmeal later.

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